The15 Best Ways to Promote Your Conference

While planning your conference, you need to pay special attention to promotion to ensure a good turnout.

By planning your promotional activities well in advance, you can draw the right people to the event.

Here are 15 good ways to promote your conference.

Use Social Networking

Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter have become powerful communication tools today. Using these sites, you can spread the word about your conference and draw more people. You can create a page and provide all the necessary information concerning the event you are hosting.

Send out Email Invites

Most event organizers send email invites to promote their conferences. You can also do the same and send invites to attendees well in advance. Before you start mailing them, make sure you have the right list of people who should be attending your conference.

Give Out Prizes

A simple yet effective way to promote your conference is to give incentives to the attendees. You can, in fact, think of creative ways to catch their attention. For instance, offer special discounts to those who book for 5 people or more.

Host a Webinar

To pique the interest of your attendees, you can give them a taste of what they can expect at the conference. You can host a pre-conference webinar where you can discuss the program agenda and special highlights.

Participate in Online Discussions

While promoting a conference, you should focus on attracting the right people. For example if you are hosting a Big Data Conference, you will not benefit from having creative writers as your attendees. To find the right people, you can promote your event on different online forums. Participate in ongoing discussions and attract the right people.

Distribute Press Releases

Although Press Releases are now seen as an old tool for promoting a conference, they are still quite effective. If you are hosting a small event for the local community, you can approach local newspapers and magazines. You can also use online Press Release distribution services providers to boost your campaign.

Blog about Your Event

Blogging is another effective tool for promoting a conference. You can update all the information easily to make it easier for your attendees to participate in the conference. You can also post comments on other blogs to make your conference more successful.

Enumerate the Benefits of Attending Your Conference

Why should your prospective attendees go for your conference? You need to answer the question before you start communicating with them. Make sure you describe the benefits of attending your conference in simple words to catch their attention.

Send Reminders

To encourage more people to attend your conference, you need to think of ways to remind them of the upcoming event. You should send reminders to recipients who have not responded to the invite at least a week in advance. Moreover, you should try to find out the reasons why they might decline the invite.

Focus on Smart Advertising

While promoting a conference, advertising plays a very important role. The challenge lies in identifying smarter ways to make the most of advertising.

So instead of just printing several ads on newspapers and magazines, think of other ways. For example if you want to target teachers and academicians, post ads on college notice boards and libraries.

Go Live

There might be instances where your attendees miss out on the conference because they are traveling or busy at home. You can make it easier for them to join the conference by putting your event online.

Use YouTube

To make your promotional activities more interactive and catchy, you can use YouTube. Post a video before the event to talk about the conference and what to expect.

Change Your Voicemail

You can also change your voicemail to ensure callers get some information about the event when they call you.

Modify Your Email Signature

A simple tip is to add a link to the conference page in your email signature. You can also add a few words such as “Join us at an exciting session on Social Media Analytics this Wednesday.”

Use Your Network

You should also inform your friends, colleagues and social followers.

With these tips on how to promote a conference, you can be sure to host a well-attended event