Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

Here are the best instant messaging apps for android smartphones. Do you know The Best Android Apps for Teachers and Researchers

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the best messaging app for android smartphones. No App should definitely come before WhatsApp in this category. 99% of smartphone users should have this viral app installed on their devices. WhatsApp now come pre-installed on smartphones. Once installed on your phone, it automatically reads through your contacts and add all your contact using WhatsApp. WhatsApp can now boast of over 600 million active users with 700 million photos and 100 million videos shared daily. WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited messages to all your contacts and you can also share media files.

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2. Hangout

All about Google. Google launched hangout on May 15,2013, since then it has become popular and has replaced the ageing Google talk and Google+ messenger. It is mostly used by Google users. It is incorporated with a video call feature. Hangout is also best message app for android smartphones in the world. Hangout is a combined SMS and IM app and can be used to automatically make video calls from your device instead of normal carrier. Hangout allows you to send text, images, and even share your locations. Your chat history are saved online and can be viewed on any of your Google account.

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3. WeChat

We Love, We Share, We Chat. WeChat formerly known as ‘’We ixin’’ was invented by Xialong Zhang in China. WeChat can now currently boast of above 40million users Worldwide. Smartphone users can download and install the app on play store and register with their Facebook account or sign up directly with their phone number. WeChat provide a platform for its users to send text messages, voice messages and broadcast messages as well as sharing of pictures and videos. WeChat is best messaging app for android free download.

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4. BBM (Blackberry Messenger)

After a very long wait BBM was finally launched for Android and other smartphones. BBM, just like the other social messaging App allows you to chat and send media files. After downloading the App you will be prompted to register with your Google ID and after being verified, you get a custom Pin in which your friends can use to add your.

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5. Viber

Viber is top messaging app for android. Viber is an instant messaging and voice over IP app for smartphones developed by Viber media inc. Users are allowed to send messages, videos and audio messages. It has over 280 million users globally. Launched on Dec 2,2010. Viber automatically adds all your contacts that are registered with Viber and you can enjoy long fun chat.

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LINE users can exchange text messages, graphics, audio and video. LINE was launched in Japan in 2011, since then its users have grown to up to over 560 million with LINE confirming they have just 170 million active users Worldwide. LINE is a best text messaging app for android 204-2015. This app also features added friends through the use of QR codes, line ID and shaking the phone. You can send direct messages and form a group chat with up 100 members. You can share images, audio, emoji, stickers and emoticons. It also has a feature that can hide your chat history in case of privacy. It also has a timeline and homepage feature.

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7. Nimbuzz

This app is popular in India compared to other countries. In 2012, Nimbuzz moved headquarters from Rotterdam, Netherland to Delhi in India. Nimbuzz is best instant messaging app for android phones. Nimbuzz users can also send instant messages, images and share locations. Group chat feature is also included in in Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz also allows synchronization with twitter, Facebook and Google talk.

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8. Messenger

Facebook official instant messaging app was launched to give it users easier access to messages from Facebook contacts. You can also message non-Facebook contacts using their phone number. Messenger lets you access all your Facebook messages without using the main app or website. Messenger is best stock messaging app for android smartphones. With this app you can share stickers, emojis, photo and even make free calls.

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9. KIK

Kik messenger was officially released on 19, October 2010. As at may, 2014 they declared they have over 120 million users. You can send unlimited chat messages, also share photos, stickers, mobile webpage and lots more. All you require is to download the App and register with a username and meet new friends.

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10. Tango

As of march 2014, Tango declared it has more than 200 million registered users. Tango is a free app which allows you to make free video calls, voice calls and send unlimited text messages. You can also share photos and play games with this app. Tango is available in 1 different languages. It is the last but not least app from best messaging apps for android smartphones.

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