Online Tools to Help You Focus

Sometimes, sitting down and getting work done can seem like an insurmountable challenge. With a whole world of distractions out there and tons of things you’d rather be doing, staying focused isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are some great tech tools available that could increase your productivity and lead to some seriously focused study sessions.

Self Control

For students who have trouble staying off of Facebook, there’s a tool to help you gain some self control. This app will block you from your favorite websites for set blocks at a time, so you can create a blacklist that will prevent you from wasting valuable study time.


This app will allow you to manage your time more effectively, with a to-do list and time management tool that pushes you to focus on the task at hand until your next programmed break. With a handy alarm and time tracker, you’ll be able to timetable your study sessions stress-free.


If you have an essay you need to finish today, FocusWriter will make your laptop into a serene, focused environment perfect for completing your paper. The whole of your desktop screen will be blocked out except for a simple typing area. You can also set a writing goal for the day like a specific word count or time goal, and the program even adds in a nice typewriter sound as you type to help set the scene.


Stayfocusd is an app you can add to your Chrome browser that will help you limit the amount of time you spend on websites that waste your time. You can choose websites to block during the time period when you really need to get work done, and customize the app to suit your needs. If you really need to stay offline altogether, there’s a Nuclear option, which will close off the entire internet to you for the set timeframe. Just make sure you choose carefully- once you block yourself from a site, there’s no turning back until the next day.