3 Ways to Organize Your Workspace

Everyone has a different strategy for organizing their work. Whatever your personal style, Evernote can greatly enhance your productivity if you set it up to optimize your daily workflow.

Evernote’s own Josh Zerkel, who trains people to become certified Evernote consultants, says your digital workspace is similar to your physical one: it works best if you organize it with purpose. Here are his tips for setting up Evernote to find everything you need, fast.

1. Create a naming convention
Just like any other filing system, Evernote works more efficiently if you implement a consistent naming convention that lets everyone easily find content. This system is especially helpful when working with cross-functional teams and an ever-expanding number of notebooks.

Choose a convention that’s easy to remember. You might consider “Department: Project,” with notebooks named “Marketing: Website Redesign” or “Finance: Quarterly Reports.”

2. Try shortcuts
Shortcuts are a handy Evernote feature that put the content you work with most frequently front and center in your digital workspace. Think of shortcuts as bookmarks for content you access every day.


To create a shortcut, simply drag a notebook, note, or set of tags from Evernote into your shortcuts section at the top of the left panel in the desktop app (you can also use shortcuts on your tablet and smartphone).

3. Use saved searches

If you frequently search for the same words or phrases in Evernote, save time by creating saved searches for these terms.

Just type a search term into the “Search notes” field in Evernote, then follow the instructions to save your search depending on which platform or device you’re using.

If you regularly create meeting agendas, save searches with the meeting names. If you have an ongoing project you want to find quickly, save a search with the project name.

As we head into a new year, give these tips a try and encourage your team to do the same. We’d love to hear your favorite ways to stay productive with Evernote in the comments.

Source: Evernote Blog

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