Now Draw Better In Google Docs With 3 New Features

If you are a Google Docs user and love inserting lines and diagrams using the drawings feature then you’d be pleased to know that today the Google Docs team announced some nice enhancements to ‘ Drawings ‘ in Google Docs.

Here are the enhancements they’ve announced.

1. Polyline

Polyline allows you to draw different shapes and lines and insert them into your documents. The feature is right beside the scribble option in drawings. It lets you create shapes and fill them with colors with the utmost ease.

See the diagram below which the Docs team created using this feature.


2. Snap to Guides

The ‘ Snap to Guides ‘ feature which can be found in the ‘ Edit ‘ menu inside the drawings box is another useful feature introduced today. It helps you arrange and line up the shapes in your document. Lining up the shapes next to each other could be a time taking task when done manually. This feature automates that task.


3. Quickly draw multiple lines

This is a neat feature and I really loved it when I tried it out. What it does is simple – when you are drawing a line, a shape or using the scribble feature, it keeps you in that mode even when you stop clicking. This way you could quickly draw multiple lines. Previously, you had to again click on the ‘ line ‘ option in order to resume drawing the line.

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