5 Productivity-Boosting Google Sheets Add-Ons

As an effective MS Excel counterpart, Google Sheets has securely taken its place as the go-to table tool for spreadsheet creation, editing and sharing.

Its strong points – collaboration features and third party add-ons, make it even more enticing for both causal and power users. Those add-ons resolve a wide variety of problems: from providing quick workarounds, automating your daily tasks to allowing you to be more productive in general.

Here is what some of those add-ons can help you with:

1) Convert PDFs to Google Sheets.


It is well known that Google Drive allows users to convert PDF to Google Docs. Although this certainly does the job for PDFs rich in written text, there is no such solution for PDFs packed with tables that you need to edit. There is a workaround to that through certain add-ons. One of the add-ons that allows you to convert PDFs to editable tables inside Google Drive is Cometdocs PDF Converter.

With this app you can convert your PDF to .xlsx format and then choose to open with Google Sheets, after which you will have a fully editable Google Sheets table.


2)  Insert multiple rows and columns.


Add Rows & Columns is an add-on that saves an infinite amount of time by allowing you to add as many rows and columns as you want at once. Add it to your Google Sheets Add-ons, select a cell and choose how many rows and columns you want to add.

3)  Get approvals for your document.


Work collaboration requires getting adequate feedback on your work. Workflows takes that feedback to another level by automating the process as much as possible. Install the app, choose the people that you want to review your document and let the app do the rest.

4)  Decorate your tables.


With Styles you can personalize your spreadsheet tables by adding themes and colors. You can select from 42 presets, but the downside is that you cannot create your own themes. Nevertheless, this app can certainly bring a bit of flare into the plain Google Sheets default theme.

5) Speed up spreadsheet editing.


Ablebits’ Power Tools is simply a must-have app for any Google Sheets user.  There are more than a dozen features to this app, with the most prominent being its automation features: smart toolbar, text editing, formula tool set and data tool set.

Do you know any other interesting Google Sheets add-ons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.