Google’s Inbox update will take the hassle out of emails by predicting your replies

While some people just hire a PA to respond to their mountain of emails, it’s not really an option for the vast majority of us. Luckily, Google’s launching a new feature called Smart Reply for Inbox that does just that – it generates responses based on your emails so you can just choose the one that’s most appropriate and hit send.

It works best for simple yes or no type responses but if your reply needs a little more fleshing out, it can serve as a head start to save you time as well.

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Speaking to TNW at the Web Summit today, Amit Singh, VP of Google for Work, explained that Inbox uses machine learning technology to intelligently determine your response to various emails. This is a similar process to what Google uses to sift through spam.


Like all learning technologies, Smart Reply gets more accurate the more you use it. The responses it generates are already designed to sound human, but they will begin to change and reflect your personal style of writing, according to Singh.

Smart Reply is available for Inbox from tomorrow on both Android and iOS.