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How to Disable the Auto-Merging of Duplicate Files on Google Drive

Google is always looking out for you — at least that’s what they say when they introduce new things like the recent “deduplication on upload” feature in Google Drive. If you weren’t aware, here’s how the deduplication feature works: when you upload a file to Google Drive and a file with the same name already

7 Essential Google Drive Storage Tips

In reality, you almost certainly don’t. As the old saying goes, “every day’s a school day” — and in this class, I’m going to try and explain a few more things you really should know about the app. Before I get going, I want to make it clear: this is not about the well-known stuff,

कभी रेत, ईंट और सीमेंट ढोने वाला मज़दूर अब है 20 कंपनियों का मालिक

बचपन में एक बालक बहुत हैरान-परेशान रहता। उसके माँ-बाप हर दिन 18 घंटे काम करते। दिन-रात मेहनत-मजदूरी करने के बाद भी कई बार माँ-बाप अपने बच्चों को भर-पेट खाना नहीं खिला पाते। माँ-बाप के किसी दिन काम पर न जाने का मतलब होता कि उस दिन सारा परिवार भूखा ही रहेगा। घर में कुल 10

बुलंदियों पर ठहरने का कमाल है रघुराम राजन की ज़िंदगी का सफ़र

नायाब कामयाबियों से भरे रघुराम राजन के जीवन  में बहुत है सीखने-समझने को….‘मेरी किस्मत ने मुझे बहुत बुलंदियाँ अता कीं। जब मुझे आईआईएम में अपने भविष्य के बारे में पूछा गया था कि मैं क्या बनना चाहता हूँ, तो मेरी ज़ुबान से निकल गया था कि मैं आरबीआई का गवर्नर बनना चाहता हूँ।’ बुलंदियाँ किसी

How To Start Your Post Doctoral Research Work And Writing?

Many students come to their post doctoral degree research project with clear and concise research question, while many others have several different types of research ideas, but no specific research question. In context of starting out fairly quick, it is a common situation to seek the help of dissertation writing services. However, if you are

Best software for writing a Doctoral Thesis

Scrivener was developed for novelists, but has come to be adopted by many scholars. I’ve been using it to draft my dissertation, and found my productivity shoot up immediately after switching to it. I attribute that to the following features: Each project is a file system, instead of being a single document. This is the

Build Your LinkedIn Profile From Start to Finish With This Massive Visual Guide

You’ve got six seconds to impress a recruiter on LinkedIn, and once you reel them in, you want to make sure your profile is solid. This giant visual guide tells you the basics of what you need to know to make your profile stand out. We’ve told you how to make LinkedIn a useful tool