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Google’s Inbox update will take the hassle out of emails by predicting your replies

While some people just hire a PA to respond to their mountain of emails, it’s not really an option for the vast majority of us. Luckily, Google’s launching a new feature called Smart Reply for Inbox that does just that – it generates responses based on your emails so you can just choose the one

8 Fabulous Tools for Research Students

Being a scholar entails doing a lot of research, readings, and writing of papers. Thankfully, technology can be of tremendous help in the research process. There are a wide variety of web tools and mobile applications that facilitate researchers work and  help them communicate and collaborate with the research community and easily share and disseminate

4 Great Wikipedia Tools for Students

The use of Wikipedia in education is a controversial topic with a polarizing effect in the education community. Without getting into the nuts and bolts of this heated discussion, we   do harbour a positive stance towards this collaborative platform and view it as an interesting starting place and a springboard for researching any given

Google Maps now lets you revisit your location history in a detailed timeline

It’s inspiring — in a crazy sort of way — to consider how efficient Google can be in keeping track of information about you. Today, Google announced the launch of “Your Timeline,” a tool in Google Maps that shares with you all the places you have been. It works if you chose to store your Location History

Google Launches Drive Plug-In For Microsoft Office

Google today launched a new plug-in for Microsoft Office that gives you access to all of your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in Google Drive right from Microsoft’s desktop apps. The plugin also lets you save files directly to Google Drive, so you can then edit them in Google’s online apps, too. The idea here, a Google spokesperson

CiteFast – An Incredibly Easy Citation Tool For Researchers

Cite fast is an easy to use web tool for creating citations. Students can utilize it to generate citations in different formats: APA (6th edition), MAL (7th edition), or Chicago (16th edition). The site provides a wide variety of features citation creation super easy and all for free. Some of these features include: automatic look

Google has taught Chrome to sing

Google has taught Chrome to sing. The search giant has released a new “experimental” extension for Chrome which allows you to instantly share links using audio. The new extension (‘Tone’) broadcasts the URL in any tab through your machine’s speakers as a little blast of bleeps and bloops, like the ramblings of a deranged R2D2.