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How To Start Your Post Doctoral Research Work And Writing?

Many students come to their post doctoral degree research project with clear and concise research question, while many others have several different types of research ideas, but no specific research question. In context of starting out fairly quick, it is a common situation to seek the help of dissertation writing services. However, if you are

How To Become A Successful Person?

Most of us aspire to be successful, but everyone’s definition of success may differ. So what does it take to become a successful person? These tips will help you out. 1. Set lofty goals. Plan big and think high, then only would you be able to reach your dream destination. 2.Do what you love to do.

How to Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

How strong is your LinkedIn profile? A powerful profile can increase your visibility online. You may or may not know that when your profile is 100% complete, you will get a higher search ranking. Your LinkedIn profile is key to your online success, because potential partners, clients, recruiters, and employers use LinkedIn as one of their first

Get More out of Google

Get more out of Google. Tips & Tricks for Students conducting Online Research.

How To Get A Sweet New GIF Facebook Profile Pic

Facebook has rolled out its new mobile profile options for some lucky users, and if you’re among them, it means you have access to the new GIF-like profile pictures. You won’t know you have the new profile unless you go check your profile on the mobile app (right now, it’s available for iOS only). Hit

How To Use Infographics As Multimodal Learning Tools

People don’t all learn the same way. Teachers know this, and that’s why multimodal learning methods are an essential part of any teacher’s toolkit.Venggage Responding to the changing linguistic landscape caused by digital media and communication, many teachers are leveraging the multimodal learning opportunities offered by mixed media in the classroom. Infographics  combine both text

5 Great TED Talks to help you Work Smarter

Work and productivity are two correlate which do not always run the same line. You might be totally engaged in your work but this does not necessarily mean you are being productive. Productivity is more of a qualitative mindset, a thinking framework that requires much more than just physical engagement, it calls for an emotional