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कभी रेत, ईंट और सीमेंट ढोने वाला मज़दूर अब है 20 कंपनियों का मालिक

बचपन में एक बालक बहुत हैरान-परेशान रहता। उसके माँ-बाप हर दिन 18 घंटे काम करते। दिन-रात मेहनत-मजदूरी करने के बाद भी कई बार माँ-बाप अपने बच्चों को भर-पेट खाना नहीं खिला पाते। माँ-बाप के किसी दिन काम पर न जाने का मतलब होता कि उस दिन सारा परिवार भूखा ही रहेगा। घर में कुल 10

बुलंदियों पर ठहरने का कमाल है रघुराम राजन की ज़िंदगी का सफ़र

नायाब कामयाबियों से भरे रघुराम राजन के जीवन  में बहुत है सीखने-समझने को….‘मेरी किस्मत ने मुझे बहुत बुलंदियाँ अता कीं। जब मुझे आईआईएम में अपने भविष्य के बारे में पूछा गया था कि मैं क्या बनना चाहता हूँ, तो मेरी ज़ुबान से निकल गया था कि मैं आरबीआई का गवर्नर बनना चाहता हूँ।’ बुलंदियाँ किसी

This 9-Year-Old CEO & Cyber Security Expert Is Making The World A Safer Place

When I was a 9-year-old kid, I was busy worrying about what will happen if Tom wins and eats Jerry. But the story of this kid is different. Delhi-based Reuben Paul from Austin, Texas is an accomplished hacker, app developer, cyber security expert and the CEO of Prudent Games. And he is just 9 years

11 Quotes By Steve Irwin That Show His Compassion Towards Life

How many of you are in love with wildlife? And by love, I mean that you could risk your life for saving that little wild creature around you? You probably won’t. Meet Steve Irwin. Steve grew up loving wildlife. He caught his first venomous snake at the age of 6 and often he would arrive

7 Genius Inventions By Teens That Deserve An Applause

Teenage is the phase in which curiosity about anything at all stays at its peak. And if the curiosity is channeled in the right direction, geniuses are born, like the following young inventors. While one of these came up with an invention by accident (point 3), others were self-motivated to either make lives easier, or

10 Of The Most Interesting Men From Across The World

Interesting people are less about their chirpy personalities, and more about the things they do differently from others; things that truly make them interesting. Following is a list of the famous men in the world whose lives have generated facts that have garnered them the reputation of being interesting. 1. Pope Francis- Was once a bouncer

A Time Bomb, An Automatic Food Maker, A Robot – Here’s Why Abhishek Is The Coolest Innovator We Know

When his mother fell ill, Abhishek Bhagat realized how tedious it was to wait for food to get cooked. So he invented a machine that cooks food automatically. A curious student, his first innovation was a time bomb at an age of 12! Meet this amazing young innovator. At 12 he made a time bomb. His