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10 Apps for Teachers You Should Know About!

Educational technology is not just for students; teachers can also benefit greatly from the use of new technologies. So this week we’ve scoured the net looking for the top 10 apps for teachers. 10 Apps for Teachers   Too Noisy Do you think the hum of student chatter is too high when working in class? Too Noisy helps you control the

How to Have the Best One-on-One Meetings

Meetings can be a major time-suck and a massive waste of resources. But done right, regular one-on-one meetings between an employee and manager can make the difference between dysfunction and success. On the Popforms blog, Kate Stull shares ten solid tips for having amazing one-on-one meetings, including: Let the employee create the agenda and run

7 Strategies to Help Students Generate Creative Ideas

Here is a good infographic that grabbed my attention today as I was leafing through Debra’s creativity Pinterest Board. The visual features some interesting tips to help in brainstorming creative ideas. I have gone through these ideas and I think these could be a useful resource to use with students. When students are working on

The Most Important 20 Minutes of the Day

What are the most important moments of the day? The 20 minutes you commit to planning. You’re thinking, Planning? Yuck. I know for some people it’s a dreaded word, but don’t worry. I’m not talking about writing a business plan or setting annual goals. I’m simply talking about dedicating 20 minutes to prioritizing and organizing your day.